Media Log

So, some backstory, I don't think I have any novel opinions, but at the start of 2023 I've decided I wanna be more aware of the content I consume. I have the tendancy to dedecate days to a piece of media only to forget about it ever being in my life.

The solution? as the month progress I kept the names of all the media I consumed in my notes app, and at end of the month I would make a tumblr post of them all with a short opinion of each. Looking back at it, it gives me a short reminder of what I was doing at that time, which was my aim.

Ive managed to almost make it 4 months doing it consistently (as I have the list for april but never made the post). Some may consider it a failure, but me, adhd stricken and wildly inconsistent as I am, sees it as a small success.

What now? well I cleaned up those posts and organized them on this page by alphabetical order. Next I need to try and add the stuff I remember from the months between when I stopped and present day.

Video Games

Name Thoughts Recommended?
Deep Rock GalacticOnce upon a time I played it with my brother but a few months back we started playing it again since his friends also got the game.
Great game for when you are with people, wonderful gameplay loop, distinct style, and the world generation ain’t bad.
The only time I was bored is when I tried playing it alone, even if the game has a specific framework for single player it is a lot less in my opinion.
Anyway, rock and stone fellas!
Disco ElysiumThis game took me too long to finish, I mean that, I would play for like a couple of days, then take a couple months break, and return to it having to restart since I remembered nothing. No idea why I did that considering this is one of my favorite games now.
some of the best writing in video gaming history, this game infected my mind forever.
I love the style, the music, the characters, honestly everything.
I could talk about this game for hours and I have actually done that enough to convince friends to play it as well. (not something I do often)
Great game- I might be in love with Kim Kitsuragi.
Hi Fi RushI do not like it, I know it's not a popular opinion.
Gameplay wise, the game is nice, chaining hit combos to the rhythm is fun even if i'm kinda bad at it. You know what isn't fun, when a character starts speaking. The most cliche writing I've ever seen only rivaled by marvel movies.I can not stand it.
It’s as if someone wanted to make deadpool the game (2013) in 2023 with the main character being the most generic anime guy ever. Why is there a character who’s whole thing is being a jojo reference?
This is supposed to be a funny game but the only funny part to me is a meta joke about the game studio from the trailer.
I don’t get why people like this, but to each their own. Kinda wish there was a different game with the same mechanics.
(it's just not for me)
High On LifeIs this even surprising anyone that it is such a boring and bland game. what supposedly should be a funny game that just isn’t.
I guess it isn’t the worst game considering I finished it but it’s also the most straightforward “humorous” shooter I ever tried.
You might be fooled by the premise but I don’t think a single original thought was put in the creation of it.
HueSure was a puzzle game. And it was a nice one, pretty sure I got it for free and I mostly used it as something to play while I listen to podcasts.
It’s cute and not very long and the puzzles were nice. Honestly, I didn't give it much thought.
If FoundA queer story wonderfully told with an interesting mechanic, beautiful art style and music. I am definitely the target audience for this and I enjoyed it lots.
The story hit me hard, the eraser mechanic (which I know is a hit or miss for players) surprisingly kept me focused while being just like a wonderful way to keep the story moving, especially with how it was used to transition certain scenes.
The Ireland trivia is very cool actually, I like learning stuff and I like how it was executed.
Also The credits song slaps hard, the whole soundtrack is nice.
It Takes TwoI started playing this with a friend. The thing about this game is that it’s beautiful, the mechanics are wonderful and it feels great to play, there is a lot of talent that went into this game and it shows. Most levels have minigames that are just side competitions against the other player, it's fun and a nice thing to include.
But man I wish the story didn’t exist. A story about divorce has potential but this ain’t it. I hate the vaguely racist book and his bright pink eyebrows, I hate both main characters, they are just genuinely bad people and I wish they would stop talking.
It is one of those “the sum of parts is lesser than the parts”. I still think it’s a great game to play with someone, maybe the bad story is something you can bond over even.
Little NightmaresHonestly disappointing. It wasn’t bad, I just wish it was better.
I really feel like it’s style over substance but at the same time tried to make you think there is substance. the style does go far though.
Every time I got stuck it wasn’t the fun kind of trying to figure out a puzzle but more of a I have no idea what I’m doing wrong what does this game want from me pleasseeeeeee.
Still nice, I heard the sequel is better.
LookoutsI played the demo of this game years ago and kinda forgot about it till a friend recommended the full game to me so I gave it a try.
This is another game that I made my way through oh so slowly, no reason here since it’s not really long. The main issue for me is that It’s a visual novel and I have trouble focusing on reading sometimes.
However I’m happy I played it- trans cowboys on opposing sides falling in love and finding a way for them to have a life- I am the target audience. I love them. It’s free. play it.
Minitwonderful game, loved it. I just know speedruns of this game would look wild and I need to check them out. A short review is kinda fitting this game isn’t it. Yes
Monster Hunter: RiseI usually stay away from games this size and this kind, but I have a few friends who are big fans and by chance I got the game for free.
The first time I played it I hated it, a long ass tutorial composed of walls of text that somehow still left not understanding what I am doing.
Months later I picked it up again, restarted the whole thing. It clicked this time, apparently the first time I didn’t even do the first mission, accidentally doing the advanced tutorial that you don’t need when you start.
Fun fact- monster hunting is a lot more fun when you actually get to monster hunt. The monster designs are very cool and I love seeing the new little cinematic whenever I start a new hunt.
I do have to say, I do not care about a single character in this game and I do not understand why there is a tower defense section. I never liked any kind of tower defense, but this is very much the wrong game for it.
I think the game would probably be a lot more fun for me if I played it with people, I kinda just dropped it after a while.
Rain WorldThe thing about this game is that I got really into it before I even played it. I watched hours of gameplay and lore videos. analysis of the creatures and plants. I went through all of the wiki. This game fascinated me.
Procedural animation and each creature having a personality makes the ecosystem of the game feel so alive.
Then I downloaded the game (with the downpour dlc) and I played for days upon days. I complained to my friend that I started dreaming rain world, and he said I should probably take a break, and I said no. This game is hard and I kinda suck at it, I also think this might be one of my favorite games ever.
I played for hours upon hours and I am still not done, and even if I was, the modding scene is so good. Do you want more campaigns? you have that. different skills? sure. new regions? why not. cosmetics? there is plenty for you to pick for some god forsaken reason want to make it harder? oh boy you can. Do you want creatures to make funny sounds? I keep forgetting I have a mod that makes the rot make clown noises and everytime is a pleasant surprise.
Also what other game would give you slugcats, wonderful creatures even if originally they weren't even meant to be slugs or cats.
(but it's not for everyone)
Road 96I saw a review calling it “it’s as if a telltale game didn’t want to waste your time” and honestly (as, unfortunately, a telltale games fan) I see what they mean.
It’s fun, it’s intriguing. When the game forces you to find a new way to escape each chapter, makes you adapt and try different possibilities- wonderful game design.
I liked how locations felt very open sometimes. Some scenes are basically cutscenes where you have very little choice. While others are more open locations where you can explore backrooms and get rewarded with resources for your journey.
If I was a smarter person I would probably have something to say about the plot, alas.
The biggest con I can remember is that as a game who prides itself on being procedurally generated you’d think it would lend itself for replayability but the second time around I was bored going through mostly the same scenes as my first playthrough.
Even when selecting different options they would mostly go the same way, making me wish there were more options I could do sometimes. but I understand it is a game and there can only be so many stuff they can program you doing.
Sludge LifeI will be honest, I played it while having a headache and remember very little, from what I wrote at the time this seems like a great short experience, in which I got one of the endings, messed around a little more till I got bored, deleted the game, and went to lay down. I do appreciate all the style it has. Maybe
(I genuinely can not remember)
SpiritfarerThere is a version of the game you can download for free if you have a netflix account, which I had at the time, and I would play every so often.
Eventually we (me and my brother) decided that netflix sucks and canceled the subscription. Which gave me a very short window to try and finish the game.
I think it is a very charming game, and even as someone who isn’t the greatest fan of resource management I liked that part as well. It would probably be less repetitive if I could take more breaks but I really wanted to finish the game in time.
I find the art style and character designs wonderful. and the story made me shed a tear or two. And (especially after you get a few upgrades in) just like moving around is fun.
At the end I didn’t get to finish the game (although I got real close) but as the spirit of the game, I made peace with it and I let go.
Start Again: A PrologueA delightful little rpg demo from an artist I love that made me feel a lot. I love time loops as a concept already and it was executed so well in this game - I will cry about it.
Can’t wait for the full game, In Stars And Time, to come out. I would really enjoy seeing more of this cast and this world.
The Darkness III had this game in my steam library for some reason, I cannot remember where I got it from but I probably got it for free at some point.
The only reason I gave it a go is because that was the topic of the something rotten podcast in march and I wanted to try playing along. Must be lucky that I choose the only game this far into the podcast that actually seemed fun.
The game has a lot of style and I’m surprised there aren’t any modem games that take inspiration from it. It does end in a note that clearly says that they thought there would be a sequel, which didn’t happen.
Do I wish it was written better? Maybe. Do I wish the characters from the side co-op campaign weren’t random racist stereotypes? Yes.
Tunic It deserves more game awards, it does.
It made me pull out sticky notes to decipher secrets, it felt amazing. But it’s a wonderful game even if you don’t engage with the secrets (but they are amazing and you should).
Talked several people's ears off about it and will maybe do it again. I don’t know if I can add any praise to Tunic that hasn’t been said before me. This game rocks.


Name Thoughts Recommended?
AkiraA friend invited me to a watch party and it made me realize why this is such an iconic classic, I even downloaded the comics afterward.
I don’t know why there is a man having an asthma attack as a motif in the soundtrack but it goes hard.
DisclosureIt is important to say that I do not watch a lot of documentaries. But my friend told me I should watch it, and one long train ride I did watch it. Should have watched it earlier, you should watch it. Yes
Glass Onion: A Knives Out MysteryBoth as an added adventure of detective Benoit Blanc, and as its standalone film, this film is great.
Seeing more of Benoit was a joy and the theming of it all seems so very topical. I highly encourage everyone to watch both the previous film and this one.
NimonaThis was a joy of an adaptation, while a lot of stuff changed, the heart of the comic is still there.
The queer themes went from subtle to so in your face that if you miss them you must have closed your eyes. Things this on the nose usually bother me but for some reason I cherish it this once.
Watching this movie get announced and then canceled and then picked up again was a ride but I am glad the destination is a happy ending.
I do think that the comic and the movie are both separate entities with a very similar core and themes and I recommend them both even if you already experienced the other.
PredestinationIt was a rewatch for me.
Given it is a time travel film with big twists, it’s not only fun you can see all the hints and jokes they drop early on that would go over your head as a first time watcher. But it’s also fun since I watched it with a bunch of friends who never watched it before and seeing them trying to guess what’s going on and then figure it out in real time was an absolute blast.
It began an inside joke in that friend group that is still one of my favorites.
(it's just so weird)
Puss In Boots: The Last WishI was skeptical of this film, everyone around was saying it’s great and maybe I just stopped trusting all established ips or something but expectations were low.
So glad to be proven wrong, the animation is wonderful, the plot is interesting,I love the design of the wolf and how the film handles the theme of death.


Name Thoughts Recommended?
Animation Vs Animator/MinecraftWhat if I told you the animation you used to watch on YouTube as a child kept going on while you looked away. That there is now a storyline spanning several hours which is very neat and dear to my heart.
How simple are your favorite characters? Mine are literally just different colored stick men (they are my sons and I love them very much).
I don’t know if it is supposed to be surprising but it’s so good, top notch youtube animation, the last episodes go so hard.
Darry GirlsFinally got around to watching the third and last season.
Honestly I liked it less then the previous seasons (which were very good) however, it was a nice end to the show and I’m glad they wrapped it up nicely.
Mob Psycho I was rewatching it with friends as preparation to watch season 3.
It was a blast and made me remember why this is my favorite anime of all time, maybe even appreciate it more.
The only problem is that I still haven’t watched season 3… Oops
Ted LassoHow can I do this show justice? tell you it’s one of the best shows I ever watched in my life? That the hope and kindness it shows radiated into many facets of my life?
The premise is so simple but the execution makes it so novel and touching. I will never find a show that hits the same point in me or that has the same unique charm as Ted Lasso.
Do a favor to yourself, give it a try, I can promise you, you will not regret it.
The Last Of UsI was a skeptic, before it came out I thought “who asked for this?”, and I was ready for it to prove itself as another video game adaptation gone wrong.
I was very wrong, this show reignited my love for the franchise. As a zombie lover I forgot how much I love the unique zombies in the last of us. especially the clickers and their designs.
Both main actors work so well, the inclusion of the dlc plot (which I never played) was appreciated. Episode 3 is like a short film to me, it is so good, it hit me hard, the kind of changes from the source material that elevate the adaptation.
I patiently await the next season.


Name Thoughts Recommended?
Check, Please! by Ngozi UkazuI know it’s popular and I kinda started and abandoned it years ago, after reading fence I wanted more queer sports comics and it came to mind, it is cute, maybe too cute for my taste but I can see why it has such a name.
Would probably enjoy it more if I read it when it came out, both because I would be younger and it would still suit the internet culture at the time.
Fence by C. S. Pacat and Johanna the MadStarted it on a whim, love it so much that I got upset learning it is an ongoing series and not a complete one.
It is very stupid, a soap opera of a sports comic, the exact kind of silly to make it a fun and easy read for me.
(But it is very silly)
My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness by Kabi NagataThis is a very poignant comic about the struggles of what to do with your life and difficulty with intimacy.
It touched me in ways I will never elaborate on the world wide web.
I should read the sequels.
Nimona by N.D Stevenson So I think this is one of the first comics I read when I got into them. And it was a good pick.
I love how it plays with tropes, I love the humor of it and the characters. I really liked the ending.
The trans narrative in the comic is a lot more subtle then in the film but I read it years before the film and even then it really spoke to little ol’ egg me. Later on when I would start getting gender thoughts more clearly just as N.D started coming out. In short- this comic is in a way inseparable from my own transness even if it’s just a lil fantasy book.
I have thoughts about the adaptation but that is written down in the movie notes.
Prokaryote Season by Leo Fox I am unsure how to describe this in a way that will do it justice. I loved Leo Fox’s art for a very long time and when I found out I can buy a comic of his in a local store I didn’t think twice.
What followed was maybe me finding my new favorite comic.
Messy queer relationships, a jury in the head of the main character judging all they do, “Would you like me if I was a single celled organism”, starman- and so much more to love.
Each page is decorated in a way I can only call back to fancy old time illuminated manuscripts. Both the art and the writing is genuinely beautiful,bizarre, and funny in a way I can only aspire one day to even dream of matching.
I think it deserves much more attention and if I had a way to get more comics of his I wouldn’t even think twice. Read this.


Name Thoughts Recommended?
Dungeons And Daddies: Not A Bdsm PodcastThis is my favorite podcast, the only media that I was ever convinced to pay for on patreon cause I needed more of it.
I listened to a lot of dnd actual play, there are a lot of them in varying quality. But there is something about this one that just hits right.
The cast is composed of a lot of people that apparently influenced a lot of what I liked growing up and I found it out like 60 episodes into the podcast. Each of them have such a unique energy that works so well together.
They hit exactly the kind of humor that speaks to me, and they know how to balance it with the more emotional moment. You can really see most of the cast are writers, in the way they talk about the podcast and how they try to structure it to be narratively satisfying (as much as it is possible while playing dnd).
A short list of wild things the dm, Anthony Burch, did in the podcast:
-In character, he and his sister (a guest star) had a dnd fight by airing out each others fanfiction they actually wrote in highschool.
-A dnd encounter based on each player having to do a tight five. so to be fair he hired a stranger from craigslist to judge everyone. His bit involved actually putting joker makeup on, the photos are wild.
If I try to say more this will go on forever, don’t even get me started on the side campaigns, or everything Beth May.
Something RottenI started this podcast for the simple reason that I wanted more content by my favorite video essayist- Jacob Geller.
This was a great move by yours truly. I never heard of Blake Hester (the other host) beforehand, but now I am glad I know of him, not only adds to the discussion at hand (whatever the video game of the season is), he has interests outside of my sphere which I find fascinating whenever he shares.
Yes this is just two men talking about video games, but tell me about the history, the impact, and the stupid stuff in the middle of each rotten game they go through. Their opinions are interesting to me.
But my favorite episodes are the bonus episodes of each season where they talk about media they know that relates in one way or another to the topic of the season.
In one of the seasons I happened to already have the game they were going to talk about (The Darkness II) so I played along as episodes came out and it was an enriching experience, like a book club for video games.


Name Thoughts Recommended?
חופש מוחלט (A liberdade total) by Pablo KatchadjianI read this in Hebrew and cannot find it in English, I found it entertaining and very absurd- in a good way. Yes


Name Thoughts Recommended?
The Prince by Abigail ThornSo one of my favorite trans creators, also known as philosophy tube, writes a play and uploads it in full- I had no doubt i was gonna Enjoy it.
Love the characters, love the themes, and the setting (of being stuck inside a play).
I do not understand Shakespearean speak in the slightest but that’s more of a me thing.
It felt a lil cliche/sappy at times but it was cute so I had no problem with it.