A collection of links to other places in no particular order, cause a dead end website ain't the most fun. Will be expended!


Lesbian Herstory Archive- A collection of materials by and about Lesbians and their communities.

Digital Transgender Archive- A trans-historical and trans-cultural collection of materials related to trans-ing gender.

Queer Zine Archive- An archive of past and present queer zines.

Dig DC- The People's Archive at DC Public Library. (and more specifically their punk zine archive).

All Sorta Zines- A neocities website with a collection of zines this user scanned and uploaded. mostly punk related!

Busy Beaver Button Museum- An online museum of buttons.


Twine- an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. (mostly text based games).
This is how I made my first game, real easy to understand and get started. basic games don't even require any coding knowledge.

The Twine® Grimoire, Vol. 1- Now if you wanna make your twine project to look pretty.
This is a guide to using CSS and HTML to customize the appearance and behavior of projects made in Twine.
It is wonderful and was my first step ever into CSS.

The Twine® Grimoire, Vol. 2- You want even more? The creator made a sequel!