Heyyy! As you can see in the little box next to this one - My name is Finel, I am 22, and I am trying to learn how to website.

I am a transmasc artist who got really facinated with web revival, and after doubling down on learning how to html I actually maybe have the start of something.

English is not my first language, so typos will probably occure. I also know Hebrew, and some russian. I have typos in those languages as well. I just can't write to be honest.

Plans for this webbed site:

  • Finish the rest of the art pages.
  • Write the rest of the stuff I wanna write for articles.
  • Finish the article about Schmekel.
  • Write the rest of the media log.
  • Add a hebrew section once I figure out how to not break the page about it (not that I tried, leaving it for later).

Other places you can find me

My instragram (unfortunately) is where most of my art is at the moment.

My itch.io Page where you can find an old comic, some twine games I did, and other projects I was a part of.