The Finel Count Dan

Hello! I guess here is where you find stuff I decided to put online, I am still figuring out html and css and what people usually do on this kind of thing.

Hopefully you'll find something that is of some interest to you.



November me was full of shit lmao, I did not work on this site in a hot minute.

Added a section in art for my art from college, which is where I was all this time, and I even filled it up a bit, maybe take a look!

I also updated the icon(?) that is on the top left of every page on this site, it's been bothering me for a while.


Added a button I made, it says "I love boys girls and god" in hebrew, and it's based (shamelessly ripped off) from a sign my friend made for pride. Searched yesterday for jewish buttons and couldn't find even one, guess I'll need to be one making them.


It's been a tough month, nothing is actually new, I just changed my age since I had a birthday like a week ago. I do hope I will have something new to put on the site sometimes soon but no promises, not even to myself.


A friend read my fast and furious article and helped edit it. Nothing was added. just fixed some typos, renamed a few chapters, and removed a distacting section at the end.
New in Media Log- Nimona (movie and comic), Prokaryote Season, and Dungeons And Daddies.


I did so much back-end stuff today and either it will break the site or make it better- results to be seen.
Also the site is wider now.


Added the articles section, and also added a thing I wrote in there called "How one of the lowest rated games of 2020 also has the only queer rep in the Fast and Furious series". it's messy and the only thing I did the last 3 days.


Added: site button (I don't know how I feel about it), and transmasc webring.


More project pages added in the art section- Twine, (placeholder name), and some stuff in general. Also changed how it looks on the page a bit and added a brief description under each drawing.


Dead sea (one of my projects) page added in the art section!


Just added a buttons museum I found to the links page


Art page in live! I mostly put up categories to fill later.
started putting stuff in general art but run out of battery in my tablet (where I keep all of my art) so I guess I will do that later.


Added guestbook, might replace it at some point.


Added alt text to all images!
Also realized all the updates said it was february by accident, fixed that to say the correct month.


Added a links page.


Added an iframe as a navigation bar so I won't have to change links between all pages all the time. It's mostly responsive.
Added more bottons and the surf club webring!


Figured put how to make a div scroll, changed "last update" into this update log.
Added all media up to march into the media log.
Figured out how to add a collapsible navigation menu in media log.


There is a media log now! It only has video games right now but it's a start.


there is actually stuff on the home page that isn't just Lorem ipsum, yippie!!!
Also, the links don't just say "stuff" anymore.

Buttons and Rings

Transmasculine Pride Webring

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